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Our Vision

At Cornerstone we embrace the vision of connecting Christ with our community in order to increase the worship of God our Father.

As a local church we want our neighbors to meet Christ, come together as a Christian community and reach towards and beyond ourselves with the compassion and the love Christ has shown each one of us.

We do this as we live, work and relax with family, friends and neighbors, always praying for those opportunities to both share and show the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who do not yet know Him. We also work to invite those we know and love into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

We love our community and want to show this love through service and good deeds done in Jesus’ name. We desire to walk in unity and in intentional affirmation and accountability with one another. We believe that this will create a healthy environment for maturing and multiplying beyond our local church.


As this happens we want to raise up teams who will be able to go out to other communities both near and far to start new churches for the glory and praise of God.

Our Values

Christ’s Love calls us to believe in Him

Christ led Community is for Maturing Disciples

Christlike Compassion is to Multiply Believers

Christ in all is for the Praise of His Glory!

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